About TASS - Takayama Architecture Seminar School -

Have you ever thought profoundly construction of your works actually?
When we make our works virtually ,we must think many factors (ex: the force of nature, land, location,time, manpower,money).
We believe that by the power of architecture the site makes better while we grasp these factors at the same time.
We ,TASS(Takayama Architecture Seminar School), is a workshop summer school held for 10 days in Hida-Takayama,Gifu pref,Japan in every summer.
This is where students learn how they make own works by using real material( concrete,wood...), struggling many factors. Besides, we invite architecture and sculptor as a lecturer and talk about meaning and worth of shape with students.
TASS was held first time in 1972 by Prof.KURATA Yasuo teaching at Hosei Univ. and later changed organization of management and now continue to facing what is constraction.
Not only the student but also everyone can participate. Please participate this opportunity.
Thank you for your consideration.


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〒509-4201 岐阜県飛騨市古川町中数河 高山建築学校
〒509-4201 Furukawachō Nakasugou, Hida-shi, Gifu-ken, Japan
       Takayama Architecture Seminar School (Takayama Kenchiku Gakko)

Directions to Takayama Architecture Seminar School

2018 Application Guidelines

  • Scheduled to be held on
  • 2018.8.10~2018.8.20

  • Content
  • Construction workshop

  • Subject
  • Age, nationality, gender unquestioned

  • Participation cost
  • 40,000JPY
    including all costs of meals of 10 days, accomodations, and materials.
    You must pay any committing expences yourself to get the venue.

Efforts such as Lecturer in 2013, click here

Application / Reference

Please specify Name・Address・Affiliation・Phone number・E-mail.


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